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With the advancement of technology, it brings us new inventions. With this invention of technology, the solar panel 12 volt is one of them.
We know that most preferred means of energy are electricity power. From water dams, we generate energy. From oil and gas, we produce energy. All this causes a different type of high environment pollution. The process of generating energy from oil, gas, water dams, electricity power is costly.
Either you are thinking of setting up a solar system or already decided. This writing will help you guide with features of the solar panel system. It will also answer queries people have regarding solar system. List of solar panel also given. So stay with us.

Different parts of the solar panel 12 volt system:

Thanks to the advancement of science. It brings us solar energy. Solar energy converts merely the power of the sun into electricity. Photovoltaics, solar heating solar thermal energy, are the technologies used for this conversation.

Solar energy is the cleanest source of energy. It minimizes the air pollution, sound pollution, water pollution. To convert the strength of the sun into usable electric energy solar panel is used.

The solar panel can be used in addition to or back up to your current energy set up. In that case, you will need the system capacity as per need. Generally, you can run electric devices or home appliances which require 12v power with this solar panel 12 volt system.

Some things required such as a solar charge controller, a battery bank, an inverter or individual batteries, and solar PV panels.

Why solar energy?

The world is now advancing. Technology brings new inventions. The world is becoming conscious of using energy. As there is limited stock of natural resources. To save the future the world is going green. Researchers concentrate much on environment-friendly resources. Sun is the source of energy. The everyday sun shines with its power. It will never finish until the earth finishes. Using this energy of sun solar energy created. It helps in reducing the cost of electricity. Keeps environment healthy. Minimizes the traditional electricity needs. Besides its value effective. So we should go with this solar energy system

Advantages of solar panel system

Scientists are nowadays inventing ways of producing power. It ensures less environment pollution. More natural use of energy. The demand for energy power is increasing day by day. We need think of supportive natural energy. Here is the list of advantages of the solar panel system.

Supportive and sustainable source of energy:

It uses natural real source like sunlight to produce electricity. It is the more supportive system. It is long lasting and durable also. Once you buy, it goes for long.

Removes Pollution:

It creates no sound to transform energy. Like the other optional energy source generators. The uses sunlight. It is the cleanest way to produce electricity. Thus it reduces environmental pollution. Same in the case of 12 Volt 3 Watt Solar Panel, Andslite Solar Panel 12 Volt 10 Watt all reduces environmental pollution.

Cost Effective:

The good thing about solar energy system is far cheaper. It is less expensive than electricity we use. The initial cost will be seen no longer more in the long run. Like for 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel,

12-Volt Solar Panels Solar Battery Chargers cost you pay will makeover with the savings you can do by using this.

Less Maintenance:

Maintenance is not complex of this system. It needs deficient support. The parts are also available easily. Fixing this is not that hard.

Minimizes Carbon residues

Solar energy does not use oil or diesel. If we apply this substance the production of carbon residues is not avoidable. Using solar power saves us from this harmful substance.

From the above discussions, we came to know some points. We learned about advantages of the solar panel. It can be now said that using this system is the smart way.


Its disadvantages include it’s initial set up cost may high.

  • Sunlight is necessary. Without proper sunlight, it cannot work correctly. So power storage thus essential to use solar power in the absence of sun.
  • Its workability depends on the sunlight intensity.
  • Battery maintenance needs, like solar power, need to be stored battery needs.

Types of solar panels

There are three types of solar panels. These are:

  1. monocrystalline solar panels
  2. Polycrystalline solar panels
  3. Amorphous solar panels
  4. Hybrid panels

According to flexibility, there are two types of solar panels:

  • Rigid solar panels
  • Flexible sale panels

Things to be considered while purchasing a solar panel:

  1. The daily need for energy consumption first needs to be calculated before you select a particular solar panel. As per requirement, you can buy so that it will match your demand.
  2. When you are confirmed of what energy you need daily for your uses, after comes size of the solar panel. The size must be able to produce the power you want every day.
  3. Battery capacity is another important fact to consider when purchasing a solar panel. Depending on demand and solar panel battery storage power can be decided.

All these points as mentioned above need to be check when buying solar panel method. If confused though can take help of professional assistance.

Markets are full of a variety of solar panels systems. Here is some list of solar panel system you can choose from.

Some Solar Panels

10W Solar Panel with Cable – for 12V Battery, Caravan, Boat, Shed, Car, Motorhome, Camping, Monocrystalline by PK Green

This particular solar system useful for motorhome, shed, boat, caravan, camping. It can be used in all weather.t has twenty-year limited power output warranty. This is more cost-effective. It’s ideal for outdoor use as it has all weatherproof properties. It’s another feature is it’ long-lasting.

For describing technical specifications, its maximum system voltage 1000v. Dimension is 36cm×24cm×1.8cm. Short circuit current (Isc) is 0.64A. One bypass diode, its weight 1.2 kg. It has class A solar module. The length of cable is 2 meters. 21.24 open circuit voltage it holds.

Biard 100W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel Kit with 10A Charge Controller & 5m Extension Cables

Its a product of Biard brand. Its also feasible for your home appliances, boat, caravan or motorhome. The product gives warranty of 5 years. It weighs 2.8kg. Its pretty light weighted and durable. Its feature flexibility allow consumes cheaper energy in multiple uses much easier.

Describing technical features, it holds 23.2V open circuit voltage. It holds 5.69A short-circuit voltage. Its cell type is monocrystalline. Its dimension is 1240×570×2.5mm. Its a class A high-efficiency solar cell. Its 570mm Width and 1240mm Height.It’ 2.5mm thick. It includes 5 m cable.

Biard 100W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel Kit with 10A Waterproof Charge Controller & 5m Extension Cables

It’s also a product of Biard brand. It comes with five years warranty. It weighs about 2.8kg. It’s also suitable for home appliances, boat, the caravan that needs 12 V power.

Technically describing, It holds 23.2V open circuit Voltage. Short circuit current (Isc) is 5.69 A. It constructed of Silver Anodized Frame. It’s class A type with high efficiency. Dimension is 1240×570×2.5mm. It’s also lightweight and durable. Its another feature is four connection holes in the solar panel.

Biard 10W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel with Cables

This product comes with a benefit of the free source of electricity. Especially where its hard to find electricity.It has specific features. Like it is applicable on flat or curved surfaces like the roof of the boat, motorhomes.

This is a product of Biard brand. It comes with five years is dimension 400*300*2.5mm. It weighs around 0.5kg. It has open circuit voltage of 21.6V. Short circuit current (Isc) 0.68 A.Its monocrystalline cell type. Peak power is 10Wp. Max power Voltage 18V.

Biard 200W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel Kit with 20A Dual Battery Charge Controller & 5m Extension Cables

This product can charge and maintain two large batteries at the same time. It is a class A type with high efficiency. It is monocrystalline solar cells type. It comes with the feature if lightweight and durability. This Biard 200W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel Kit with 20A Dual Battery Charge Controller & Extension Cables comes with 570mm width and 1240mm height. It gives five years of warranty.

Its applicable for boat, caravans, motorhome, etc. its flexibility feature adds extra value. It can bend up to 30 degrees. It Dimension is 1240×570×2.5mm. It weighs  2.8kg. Max power voltage 19 v. max power current is 5.26 A .it has open circuit voltage of 23.2 v, Short circuit current 5.69 A. it consists of 200w wattage.

Now there comes what solar panel charger to use? Here is the list of solar panel charger. You can select from the mentioned product. Let’s see the list.

ECO-WORTHY 12 Volts 5 Watts Portable Solar Panel Power Battery Charger Backup for Car Motor Power

If you are looking for the smart charger for charging batteries automobiles, tractors, snowmobiles then this product is the perfect answer. Especially When we are outdoor. This is suitable for travel or camping. It can charge 12v rechargeable batteries. Its environment-friendly and energy saving.

It comes with features including lightweight, dustproof, shockproof. It’s easy to install and maintenance free. Dimensions 8.7*13.9in (220*352 mm) It weights 458g. Short circuit current (LSC) 0.61A.

Visual 4 Watt 12v Solar Panel Trickle Car Battery Charger Delivery

Its also a Visual brand product. This charger comes with 1-year warranty. Its suitable for standing for extended periods. It has a built-in blocking diode. It is more usable for caravans, boats. Storage is pretty easy. It has no additional costs.

Dimension closed 237*229*34mm open 445*235*14mm. Open circuit Voltage is 18V. its peak output power 4W.

ALLPOWERS 18v 12v 7.5W Portable Solar Car Boat Power Battery Charger Maintainer Solar Panel for Automobile Motorcycle Tractor Boat RV Batteries

This product is suitable for charging automobiles, motorcycles, batteries of the car, etc. it also has the built-in blocking diode to prevent the reverse charge. Though it is water resistant its good to save it from more raindrops for long-term life. It creates 7.5 watts of energy. It weighs 0.323 kg. Size is 320*128*4mm. Its load voltage is 18V.

10w Mono Solar Panel Premium Quality PV Photo-voltaic 4 Metre Cable

Its suitable for boats, caravans, motorhomes, road, path, campsites, electric fencing and much more. It comes with the battery that could last for 8 to 10 years. Its feature includes its working ability. Like it can work through windows of car/caravans. Its quality is assured by ISO 9001. It comes with lightweight designs. It applied in cloudy and rainy weather. Because it does generate power in this type of weather also.Which adds extra value to it.

It comes with the maximum power of 10w. Maximum power voltage is 17.60 V. it weights 1.1 kg. Short circuit AC (sic) 0.61 A. it comes with a size 350*260*20mm.

In A Nutshell:

Solar energy is considered the most environment-friendly. It is the cleanest form of energy. So it is green energy. There is lots o reason investing in solar panel 12 volt. Its durability, cost-effectiveness, and environmental friendliness attract many users. The world is more conscious now so preferring this solar panel system of generating electricity. It’s also a right decision to invest in the free source of energy of nature. In fact, most countries giving incentives using solar panel method.



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