Easy Energy MA faq

Here are some common questions.  If you don’t find your answer here, please contact us.

Who is Easy Energy of Massachusetts, LLC?

We are a licensed supplier of low cost electricity in Massachusetts.  Founded by two veterans of the electric power industry, we offer home and small business owners the power to choose an affordable electricity supplier.  We are approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities.

Will I save money with easy energy?

Yes, our goal is to provide annual savings in electricity cost over your local distribution company’s price for all our customers. If you are not completely satisfied with your service we will move you back to your local distribution company at no charge.

I thought I had to buy my electricity from National Grid or NStar?
No, you have a choice!  The Massachusetts Public Utilities Commission has deregulated the electric industry opening it to competition.  Deregulation gives all electricity consumers a choice of supplier, allowing competition to bring prices down.

In fact, more than 80% of large commercial and industrial customers in Massachusetts have made their choice and have chosen to stop buying their electricity from National Grid or NStar.

How do I switch to easy energy?
Your agreement to our Terms and Conditions is your approval to switch to easy energy.  We will make all the arrangements with your local utility.  The change usually takes effect on the date of your next meter reading.

Is there a charge to switch?
No, we do not have any enrollment charges.

Will any equipment or new lines need to be installed when I switch?
No physical modifications are required. We supply electricity through your local utilities’ transmission and distribution system.

Who do I call in an emergency or power outage?
National Grid or NStar remains your distribution company and is responsible for transporting the electricity to your home.  They will continue to respond to emergencies and power outages.

How will I be billed?
You will receive a single bill which will reflect easy energy as your supplier and your local utility as your distribution company.  You send a single payment to your local utility.

If I have questions about my bill, whom do I call?
If your questions relate to the supply portion of the bill please contact us.  For questions about the delivery portion of the bill, call your distribution company at the number provided on your bill.

Can I terminate my enrollment with Easy Energy?
You can discontinue service with easy energy at any time.  Just contact us and we will make arrangements for you to return to your local utility for your electricity supply.  There are no termination fees from easy energy.

How green is the electricity I buy from Easy Energy?
The standard electricity we sell to you includes a minimum of 4.0% renewable generation. For more details refer to our Information Disclosure Label. We have made a committment to support the development of renewable energy in New England by offering you the option to purchase “green electricity” through our Easy Green program. See our “Renewable Energy” page for more information on the Easy Green program.

If I participate in the Easy Green program is wind or solar energy delivered to my home?
There is no way to track the electricity from a specific site of generation to your home.  However, as a supporter of renewable energy, you are helping to decrease your CO2 emissions and to increase the development of renewable energy sources in New England.

Are energy efficiency and conservation programs available for my home or small business?
Yes, because you pay your delivery company for the delivery of your electricity their energy efficiency programs is available to you.  Go to the National Grid website for more information on energy efficiency programs for your home or small business.


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