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Who is Easy Energy?

About Us

Easy energy of Massachusetts, LLC is an approved participant in the New England Power Pool and is licensed by the State Department of Public Utilities, Electric Power Division to sell electricity in Massachusetts.  We are a small, neighborhood, electric company with a desire to bring the benefits of competition to Massachusetts residences and small commercial businesses. You can learn more about easy energy by reading articles about us in The News.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to bring real choice to residential and small commercial electricity consumers by offering competitively priced electricity that is reliably brought to your home.  We demystify the electric power industry and maintain the highest ethical standards.  Finally, easy energy brings value to our neighbors and our community.

The founders:

Stan Smith
Stan Smith is a Co-Founder and President of easy energy with over 25 years of experience in the retail electricity market and the design and operation of power plants.

Before starting easy energy, Mr. Smith worked for nine years in the retail electricity market, in all deregulated states in the United States and in Canada.

As manager of demand forecasting for Glacial Energy and Constellation NewEnergy he implemented enhanced energy scheduling protocols with the Independent System Operators. However, he also applied his computer programming skills to significantly improve the efficiency of back office business functions.

Mr. Smith developed and implemented database applications that improved data management, increased data processing speeds and contributed significantly to company profitability.

The innovative data processing tools improved billing and increased transparency for electricity customers helping them make better energy choices.

While managing demand forecasting, Mr. Smith created a demand forecasting methodology that resulted in a 100-fold speed increase in forecasting production.

This speed increase allowed a rapid expansion in all deregulated markets in the United States and Canada.

Prior to entering the retail electricity market, Mr. Smith worked for Yankee Atomic Electric Company and Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation designing and maintaining nuclear power generating stations, and for the United States Navy operating nuclear powered submarines.

Mr. Smith earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology from the University of Lowell in Lowell Massachusetts.

Margaret Campbell
Margaret Campbell, easy energy Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, has over 25 years experience in traditional and renewable power generation, energy conservation and the regulated and deregulated retail electricity industry.

Prior to her founding of easy energy Ms. Campbell was an independent engineering consultant to large and small industrial customers providing process engineering and design as well as project management of process and facilities systems improvements.

For KEMA, Ms. Campbell evaluated the technical and economic performance of wind, solar and hydro-power installations across the country.  She also provided project management of energy conservation analyses for small commercial facilities.

While at New England Electric, Ms. Campbell created and implemented energy conservation programs many of which are still available through National Grid today.

Prior to her work in the retail electricity market and renewable power generation, Ms. Campbell performed power plant operation research for the Electric Power Research Institute and The Gas Research Institute.

She began her career in the power industry by designing and building power plant systems for Stone and Webster Engineering Corporation.

Ms. Campbell has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

 Solar Panel Charger

What do We do?

We are an independent research based company. We are trying to provide free information to our visitors.

If you want any kind of information please feel free to contact us. There are ample of information all related to solar panels and how to set up them.

 We decided to make this website so that people who may be interested in home solar panels can find out everything they need to know and get some useful tips about making them at home.

We believe that by having a range of options, this will allow the consumer to make the right choice of solar power or alternative energy generation system specific to their needs.

What You will Get?

Solar power is here, this is the present, not the future and it is a no brainer in terms of generating clean electricity for your property without the need to use harmful fossil fuels. We like to view our business as environmentally friendly and we hope that this online resource will help you as well.

The idea here is that there will be several listings for each county. You can then contact the range of solar energy system providers and they will provide you with different and bespoke quotes that relates to your specific needs.

This gives you choice, not only on price, but also in choosing the right system for you. Remember that cheapest is not always best, finding the right system and the right supplier will help you more in the long term!

 We are independent research based company. We are trying to provide free information to our visitors. If you want any kind of information please feel free to contact us. There are ample of information all related to solar panels and how to set up them.

We hope you like our site and will keep returning to our site.

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