What Is Solar Panel?

What Is Solar Panel?

what is solar panel

What Is Solar Panel System

Solar Panel is a semiconductor device consisting of solar cells, made of crystal silicon, Solar panel functions are by allowing photons to knock electrons free from atoms has a knock-on effect, generating  DC electricity.

Crystal Silicon Solar cells can produce electrical energy from sunlight (solar energy). They are based on the principle of photovoltaics. In practice, solar cells are usually not used individually, but as part of solar panels that can contain a larger number of solar cells. (another names for this are solar panel, photovoltaic module or photovoltaic module.) A photovoltaic system may in turn contain a larger number of solar panels.

3 Types Of Solar Panel Are Available

1. Polycrystalline solar cells

The semiconductor material used is silicon, which is mixed with boron atoms. During the manufacturing process, the material is melted, cast into blocks and then sawed into wafer-thin slices, with the crystals aligning differently and losses at the boundaries of the individual crystals. In these solar cells, although the production process is inexpensive, but the efficiency is quite low.

2. Monocrystalline solar cells

Here, too, silicon serves as a semiconductor, but the manufacturing process differs: The crystals do not orient themselves differently, creating a so-called single crystal. So there are fewer losses and the efficiency increases. However, because manufacturing is more expensive, monocrystalline solar panels are more expensive than polycrystalline solar panels.

3. Thin-film solar cells

These cells are made completely differently than the two cells mentioned above. A carrier material is coated with the semiconductor, which is why fewer raw materials are needed here. As a result, this type of solar cell is also much cheaper than the crystalline variant, but the efficiency is also lower.

Solar Panels for House

Recently solar energy is the most known renewable source of energy compared with another renewable source of energy. Lots of people are there who uses solar panels on their home’s rooftop. But among them, many people do not know why solar panels used or how many solar panels to power a house?

how many solar panels to power a house

There is lots of use of solar panels. But solar panels also have advantages as well. The solar panel is needful because of producing electricity using the heat energy that comes from the Sun’s radiation. And then the power is diverted to lots of electric appliances.

In this article, I am going to discuss the plenty stuff of solar panels. If you are interested to know about those, you are most welcome to read my article, as it is essential to know about solar panels because it is very much useful and essential to be recognized by people.

I will also talk about what solar panel is? Why is it vital to the society? How solar panel converts energies? So as you do not know much about solar panels, I prefer you should have a look on the words down below. I can guarantee you that you will be clear about Solar Panels and its usage. So keep on reading the article.

How do Solar Panel works

Mainly, in short, the solar panel is such kind of a machine who absorbs the energy from the sunlight to generate electricity. Solar panels contain lots of modules. And each module is measured using its DC power, and their range starts from 100 watts to 365 watts.

If you buy a solar which contains the single blade, they won’t be able to provide lots of power. But if you want to go for a solar panel which includes multiple modules, which can be a reason to give lots of energy. Nowadays the price of the solar panels is very much low compared to before. And that’s because to save the fossil fuel, which is also a lot helpful to generate electricity.

Many people around the world know the usage of the solar panels; in fact, there are millions of people who are using cosmic electric energies in different ways. But I already told you before that some people don’t know about the usage of the solar panels or what is solar panel etc. Are you one of them as well?

Well! Don’t be afraid or ashamed of it, by knowing that you don’t know much about solar panels. Because like you there are also other people who are facing the same situation, so you are not alone. In this article, I am about to discuss many things about solar panels. But my primary target of this article is the number of solar panels needed to power a house.

How Much Solar Panels Needed to Power a House

Lots of people are there who have a question about how many solar panels to power a house? From here you will find the answer. Most people want to get off their electricity bill using the solar energy. So for that, the first step will be to calculate the size of the solar system needed which will produce the amount of energy required by the household.

But you will end up figuring how many kilowatt hours of power you need and that is what the most critical part is before going for the solar panels for the house. As you already know the price of the solar panels is eventually going on decreasing, so I guess it won’t be a big deal for you to buy some solar panels for your house or other curricular activities.

How to calculate?

Suppose your home takes 11,000kWh every year and we are assuming that we need 250-watt solar panels.

Thus by doing calculations with high and low panel productions ratios, it would be perfect if 28 to 34 solar panels were placed to supply the full energy around the home.

Now, those of you who are thinking that how I assumed or calculate that, here is the breakdown. Firstly go for the kilowatt hours of electric energy you need each year. If your house has 20 bulbs and they take 50 watts. Having every light turned on for one hour would use up to one kWh electricity.

Mostly Americans household takes just below 11000 kWh per year.

If you have solar panels of size 3.5Kw, its average annual kWh will be 4,954, and it needs 14 solar panels. Whereas if you have 15Kw solar system size, its kWh production’s average will be 21,234 and it will take 60 solar panels.

Well! Now let’s get to know something better.

Suppose your Solar System size will be 5Kw then the economy panels will be 306 square feet, and the standard panels will be 254 square feet, and the premium panels will be 224 square feet. Whereas if the solar size is 15kw, its economy panels will be 918 square feet then the standard panels will be 763 square feet, and the premium panels will be 672 square feet.

How Solar Panels Produce Electric Energy?

Nowadays, energy from the solar panels is the most beautiful energy and the best renewable energy available around the world. Solar panels are made up of silicon which is pretty much standard on the planet. You know sunlight contains photon which is invisible and that photons carry energy.

Now when the sunlight hits the silicon crystal, the electrons began to collide with each other and start friction. And gradually the particles gather charge to charge up. That is how the silicon lets the atom produce electric energy in the solar panels. And then the powers are used by different appliances in different residential.

As you don’t know about the energy division, let me share this with you as well. Everybody has Refrigerator; I guess you also have it. So that refrigerator which average annual kWh requires 600 will take two solar panels.

If you have an air conditioner on your home which yearly average kWh takes 1000 will mostly take 3. If you have a 3000kWh electric vehicle, and that electric bike will take ten solar panels.

On the other hand, a heated swimming pool needs 2500 kWh, and it will make eight boards. Want to attach a hot tub as well, well its kWh requires 3,300, and it will take 11 panels. I guess these are the appliances that most people don’t know how much solar panels are needed by these things.

Nowadays most of the solar panels are almost 5 and half feet tall and also more than 3 feet in width. The more solar you have on the tandem, the more power the solar panel system will create. So that is the reason why you should always keep on your mind about the size of the solar panels.

Why Is Solar Panel Important To Society?

As you have already learned about how solar panels generate electricity, yet you have to know about how much great solar panel is to our society. The use of sunlight by turning it into electric energy through solar panels have many benefits. Solar panels help to reduce the expense which is needed to generate electricity.

Solar panels are also very clean because it produces power with no pollutions. Also, it avoids air pollution. Solar panels are very much emissions free. Thus solar panel is very safe for the environments and society. The solar panel usually converts the sun’s energy to the electricity without any source of fuel.

Solar panel also helps a lot to decrease the needs and wants of nuclear power. Mainly solar panel reduces the financial expense of the electricity. And you know that sunlight energy is independent and you can use that as much as you want. So people need power and solar panels are providing electricity without any pollution or expense.

So now, you think how much principal is the solar panel to our society. Yeah, you guessed the right thing, Solar Panel is a lot important to our community as it is saving people by saving the renewable energies as well as reducing the chances of air pollutions.

The solar panel of 1954 which is 39 inches in width and 65 inches in length was 6% efficient and was used to produce 20 watts which one-third of a 60-watt bulb. Never the less, solar panel which was upgraded in 2015 with the same size according to length and width, are 20% efficient and can produce 265 watts which can quickly light up four bulbs.

Some More Information about Solar Panel

The most common place about people using the solar panels is the rooftop. Because if you place the solar panels in the direction, where the boards can face the sun during the day period can let the solar panel absorbs more energy compared to the power it will gain if you give the board face the other direction.

I prefer it will be perfect if you let the solar panel face to the south direction. But make sure that there are no trees around the solar panels so that it gives a bit of shade. It will hamper the sunlight radiation to reach the solar panels. If the shadow covers one shell out of 36 rounds, the production of power will get reduced by more than half.

There are also some solar panels which track the sun wherever the sun goes until the sun fades away. Lots of people are using those solar panels as well. The solar panel has an inverter which helps to turn on DC electricity which is generated by those panels of the solar panels to 120 volt AC, which we can use directly by connecting to our circuit.

There is also an inverter for Solar Panels named Solar Panel’s inverter. It is a meter that counts the amount of electricity produced. And even a net meter of heat wired together. But always remember that when you are rapidly producing a massive amount of electricity from the solar system which you were consuming at that immediate moment, your electric utilization meter will go backward.

Final Thoughts

You should always be careful before buying a solar panel. It is necessary to calculate how much solar panels you need to power a house before depending on the solar panel. If you buy less than you need than it comes to disadvantage and if you buy more than you need then also it is a loss. So make sure you buy the amount you need and use them.

Well! On the top of this article, I mentioned about what is a solar panel? How solar panel converts energies etc. People who used to had questions about how many solar panels to power a house? I guess they don’t have the problem anymore regarding solar panels. I hope you liked my content as I provided the information you needed.

Thank You.


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