Solar Panels: 7 Expert Techniques Upgrade Me 41% (Know How?)

Solar Panels: Guide and Reviews

solar panels infographics
solar panels infographics

Solar Panels are assembled by 36 or 48 Photovoltaic (PV) solar cells, convert sunlight to produce electricity. 3 types of solar panels are widely used where the second generation thin-film solar panel popular for its high efficient solar conversion rate. Solar panels are popular for home, commercial or outdoor cheap and portable electricity.

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Home Solar Panels

A solar panels is now a popular source of power and energy. A 12-volt solar panel is a portable type solar panel. You can use it to power the electric devices that need 12v. Solar panels are not only the free energy source but also a green one for nature. It does not harm nature. However, there are many companies which come with solar panels. Before purchasing one according to your need, you need some other things to consider.

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12v solar panel price compression table

Model Wattage Price
Portable Polysillicon Solar Panel Battery Charger 5 Watt 5.99$
Eco-Worthy Solar panel 10 Watt 21.12$
Newpowa 20 Watts 12 V solar panel 20 Watt 31.22$
Renogy 100W 12 v Solar Panel 100 Watt 189.14$
ALECO SPU10W 12 V Solar panel 10 Watt 6.98$
HQST 100W 12V Polycrystalline solar panel 100 Watt 152.99$
KOMAES10 W 12 Volt Solar Panel 10 Watt 38.99$


Things of consideration to buy a 12v solar panel

You need some technical knowledge to buy any solar panel such as a 12v solar panel. You need to gather some information that makes you an ea expert. So, before buying a solar panel, you need to know about some of them and compare the efficiency, durability, compatibility, price, battery, etc. As there are many companies of solar panels, you should consider the tips to take one for your home.

Types of solar panel

Before taking a solar panel, you need to know what type of panel you want for your work. There are few types of solar panels such as mono-crystalline solar panel and poly-crystalline solar panel, thin-film solar panel, Biohybrid Solar Cell, silicon solar cell, etc. For less space, mono-crystalline panels are the best choice. Besides, you should think that the number of solar panels needs installation cost.

Warranty from manufacturer

All consumers want the manufacturer’s warranty when they buy any product. If you find a substantial nature warranty, you can take this panel. You should make sure that the warranty takes most of the lifespan.

Solar panel and battery Price

When you compare the price of different solar panels, you will get an idea of the quality of the product. Better quality products cost more than low-quality products. You can compare the price and then choose one according to your budget. So, before it, make your budget and search for the panels under this budget.

Certified solar panel

It is important to take a certified solar panel. Only it can give you some advance specifications. So look for the awarded products. It will provide you better performance. Besides, if your solar panel is tasted from a reputed laboratory, it will be more efficiency.

Solar panel size

You should consider the size of the solar panel. For this, you should think about how much energy you need for every day. Make the right calculation. Besides, you will lose some energy from connection and warring. So, you will not get 12 volts from a 12-volt solar panel.

Solar panels Brand

You should also consider the brand of the solar panel. It is better to take one from a reputed company. Well-known companies always provide a good product. The brands such as LG, Panasonic, Sunpower, Hyundai solar panel, Sharp, Jinko, Renogy solar panel, Eco-worthy solar panel, etc.

Using purpose of your Solar Panel

Consider your using purposes. You can use a portable 12v solar panel for camping, boating, outing, caravan, or for some small applications at your home. You cannot choose it for a large application. So, think about why you want to use it.

Some best portable 12v solar panels

Let’s see some portable 12v solar panels. You can take one of these panels for your outdoor uses because they are more popular and reliable panels.

Renogy 100 watts 12 volts monocrystalline solar panel

Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel is one of the best portable solar panels. Its power is enough, but the size is compact. So you can take it as a right choice for an off-grid application. It is shorter than the standard sized 100-watt solar panel. It will be a good choice for a car, boat or camping and such kind of applications. You can also connect a controller to add more panels.

Key Features

The key features of this solar panel are at the below:


This panel is reliable, of course. Here, the manufacturer uses multi-layered sheet that enhances the performance of the cell and provides a good long lasting service. It does not drop much power because the bypass diodes reduce power drop. Besides, it performs well in low light.


The output tolerance is 0-3%. It can tolerate high wind and can load snows of 5400 Pa. The aluminum frame is corrosion-resistant and suitable for outdoor uses.     It is an anti-reflective one with high transparency. The IP65 rated box gives enough protection against water and other particles.


You can use this panel for different devices. It is suitable for ground mounts. But you can use some other mounts such as Pole and Tilt from Renogy. Besides, it is good for both on-grid inverter and off-grid inverter.


You can install this 12v solar panel easily because it contains some holes at the back side for easy and fast mounting.

Dokio 100 watts 12 volts monocrystalline solar panel

Dokio 100 watts 12 volts monocrystalline solar panel is another good one for portable use. You can connect this panel to a battery to charge 12 volts. Besides, you can add multiple panels in a series. You will get 500 Wh output in a day on fine sunlight. The surface of this panel is of tempered glass. So, it is water and snow resistant. So, you can take this 12-volt solar battery charger kit for your purposes.

Key features

The key features of this panel are:

The low-cost thing with high performance

This portable panel is good for a roof or street light, ship, boat, etc. The lifetime of this panel is at least 25 years. It is much than an ordinary portable solar panel. So, it is the best choice for a family.


It is a durable one because it is waterproof, has a multi-layer sheet, good battery, and heat dissipation. Besides, the frame is made of aluminum, and for this, it is corrosion resistant.

Easy Installation

You can easily install this one. It has pre-drilled holes.

Eco-worthy 100 watts 12 volts monocrystalline solar panel

Eco-worthy 100 watts 12 volts solar panel is a good one. It comes with crystal solar cells and has an efficiency of 17 %. The manufacturer uses tempered glass to make the front. It can face any severe weather conditions because of its PVF baking. Besides, the frame is made of heavy-duty aluminum. So, it is strong enough at structure and installation. You may cost low to mount it.


  1. You will get 500 W as daily output. It depends on the sunlight. Good for a caravan, greenhouse, boat, etc.
  2. You can install it without any complication. It has some pre-drilled holes. It also has a cable and quick connector.
  3. The by-pass diodes of this panel minimize the shade impact.
  4. The junction box is waterproof. It protects environmental particle and water. This panel is also resisted salt corrosion and other corrosion because of its aluminum frame.
  5. It does not reflect light because of coated glass.

Renogy 50 watts 12 volts monocrystalline solar panel

Renogy 50 watts 12 volts monocrystalline solar panel is a better choice for an off-grid system. This panel has MC4 leads that are compatible with MC4 adaptor kit. So, you can make the setup smoothly. It is a good one for camping or a beach trip. Besides, you can use it at your home for some small devices. It is a popular one for them who use the boat, go camping and some other off-grid uses. It provides maximum efficiency per space. It can also tolerate heavy snow and winds.


More efficient

Less power drop for the bypass diodes. So, low light performance is excellent.

Improved Look

The lines have no grid on the front of the cells. So, it looks clear and beautiful. The frame is black.


Sophisticated encapsulation material and multi-layered lamination enhance the cell performance and give long-life service. There is no hotspot heating. TPT back sheet also enhances performance.


Output tolerance is only 0-3%. It can tolerate 2400Pa winds and can load 5400Pa snow. The aluminum frame is corrosion resistant, and corners are protective for outdoor use. Iron-tempered glass is anti-reflective and impact. The junction box is complete protection for rough weather.

HQST 100 watts 12 volts polycrystalline solar panel

HQST 100 watts 12 volts polycrystalline solar panel comes with more efficiency and can tolerate extreme weather. It can also take the pressure of heavy snow or winds. So, it is the right choice for outers who like camping and boating. You can use this panel to charge your phone, tablet, and other small devices with its charge controller. The output of this panel is 500 watts per day, depending on the sun rays. You will get 25 years guaranty of power supply.


The common features of it are below:

  1. It is anti-reflective for low tempered glass and has enhanced stiffness and corrosion resistance.
  2. Can tolerate 2400 Pa winds and 5400 Pa snow load.
  3. The junction box is IP65 rated and protects the panel completely from low water jets pressure and particles of the environment.
  4. You may enjoy the excellent performance in low light because of the shade. There is no risk of high power drop because of bypass diodes.
  5. Encapsulation materials are so good and have a multi-layered sheet that enhances cell performance.
  6. You can install it easily with the pre-drilled holes to mount it. It provides non-expensive mounting. No hot spots because it is 100% EL tested.

Renogy 150 watts 12 volts monocrystalline solar panel

Renogy 150 watts 12 volts monocrystalline solar panel is a portable panel for you for off-grid use. You can set up this panel by yourself with the MC4 leads and MC4 adaptor kit. You can use this panel for different purposes such as marine, camping, and some other applications. It is designed such a way that it provides higher efficiency per space. Besides, the building quality is so good that it tolerates extreme weather conditions. It is a good source of energy that saves our world from pollution. It can take loads of heavy snowfall and heavy winds.


The key features of this one are below:


It provides high output efficiency. You will get 750 Wh as output energy per day. But this output depends on sunlight availability. The bypass diode of this panel lessens power drop and increase the performance in low light conditions.

Space Efficiency

The high efficient cell of the monocrystalline solar panel increases space efficiency.

Easy Installation

It contains pre-drilled holes for easy mounting. So try it yourself to mount and secure.


It is one of the reliable ones. The box keeps the panel secure from all weather condition. The aluminum frame is corrosion free. It provides more durability. There is no chance of hot-spot heating because it is EL tested.

12v solar panel battery charger

The 12v solar panel battery charger is an amazing thing. This eco-friendly invention allows customers to charge their devices. However, it is new technology. A solar charger collects energy from sunlight and produces DC electricity with which you can recharge the battery through a controller. There are a lot of products. So, sometimes, it is challenging to choose the right 12-volt solar battery charger kit that can meet your needs.

Advantages of 12v solar battery charger

Solar panel saves our energy and money. Let’s see several benefits of a 12v solar panel battery charger.


Simplicity makes 12v solar battery charger more appealing. You can easily use it. You need not spend your valuable time finding out the right voltage of the battery. Besides, there is no risk of high power access that can damage the battery. So, a 12v solar battery charger is a safe choice for beginner users.

Extends your battery life

Your solar charger will provide the optimal energy portion that your battery needs. Though it will not provide the exact amount of power as the cord charger, it will provide a steady stream of energy. Thus, it prolongs the battery’s life.

Saves money

The 12v solar battery charger is expensive than power cords. But it saves your money for a long time. You do not need to connect the charger to an electric socket. So, it will not affect the electric bill of your home. It uses free energy all the time.

Top 12v solar panel battery chargers

Let’s see some chargers these are considered as the best 12v solar panel battery chargers.

Eco-worthy 20W 12v solar panel kit

This kit is a unique one for your solar panel. You can use this to charge more than one application at a time. It has also overcharge protection so that it does not hamper your battery. You will get 20 years warranty for this kit. But you will not get mounting brackets. There are several holes to install it.

Eco-worthy 12v solar panel charger

It comes with a super fast setup. Just fold it out and connect the charger with the battery you want to charge. So, it does not take much space in your room or garage. Besides, you will get a solar charger controller that prevents overcharging.

Mighty max solar battery charger

It comes with a polycrystalline solar panel. The design of this panel is unique and modern. This charger is perfect for outdoor uses. You can use it to charge the battery of your vehicle. You can easily install this model. The pre-drilled holes help you to mount it quickly. Besides, it is waterproof, and its performance is very good.

ACPOWER HY010 12M 10W solar panel with 12v battery charger

It is a powerful 12v solar battery charger. It is a good option for jeep owners. You can mount it on the car, boat or a cabin. It comes with a plastic sheet panel that you can easily set. It also has the proper equipment such as a 12v battery, charger, etc. The efficiency of this kit is up to 23%.

12v battery with solar charger

When you decide to go out for camping, you may like to take a source of power with you or keep your car battery charged. In this case, a 12v battery with a solar charger can help you much. A reliable 12v battery charger solar panel will help you to extend the battery life of your vehicle. You need nothing to charge the battery just sunlight.

Best 12v solar battery charger

A list of best 12v solar battery charger can help you to find out the right one for your using purposes. Now I am going to show you a short description of a 12v solar battery charger.

Ganz Eco-Energy GSP-12 Solar Panel Charger

Ganz Eco-Energy is a well-known solar charger battery kits company. They are famous for their highly efficient, flexible, lightweight, and waterproof solar panels. You can take it for your outdoor use. This kit is a high-quality kit for vehicle and other outdoor applications.

  1. This panel is made of crystalline cells. So, this charger kit is efficient and provides you the maximum power taking less space.
  2. This is a compact one and easy to use. It contains a power cable that gives the users flexibility to place the solar panel and then connect it to the battery.
  3. It is a non-glass device, and the surface is made of unbreakable plastic. The back part is made of stainless steel. So, it can tolerate rough environmental conditions.
  4. You will get a blocking diode, holder and fuse, an adapter and battery eyelets.

SUPER POWER Solar Battery Charger

We always love a tool that needs less care and has flexibility. These properties make this battery charger the best one overall. This battery charger package contains a handy amount of punch. We know, overcharging a battery is a problem. But you do not face this problem if you take this charger kit. It is better to choose low wattage one to control the risk of battery damage. This company gives you the options of 6, 8, and 4.8 watts.

  • This battery charger is very lightweight. It is only three pounds.
  • This solar battery charger has four slots to mount the charger easily. You can mount it to the windshield. It will take less space.
  • You will get all the cords and cable that you need to work with the kit. The cigarette light and a cable are available to attach the charger with the car.

Sunway Solar Car Battery Charger

This battery charger comes with all necessary accessories, but its price is more affordable. It also contains a built-in hanging capacity. You need not worry about overcharging the battery. It comes with a unique design and size. This is not a very lightweight one but relatively lightweight. But you can hang it easier than others.

  • This solar charger is waterproof and contains all the basics you need, such as alligator clips, cables, wire, cigarette lighter, etc.
  • There is a long cord with this charger which has rubber stripping. So, you can hang it anywhere of your vehicle.

SUAOKI Solar Car Battery Charger

This solar panel battery charger is a unique one because of its easy working method. You can use it working in different situations. It is the right one for those who like to experiment. Though it comes with some basics, it is a better one for them who like to use their panel in various environmental conditions. Its limit is 18 watts. So, it seems that it provides enough power to charge batteries and some other small devices.


  • You can use this battery charger for your car or an RV or a boat. In different sectors, it works well.
  • It comes with suction cups that are necessary for quick mounting. If you cannot mount it with suction cups, you can use four small screws to install it.
  • Its size is slightly larger, but it is lightweight too.

Solar charging 12v battery

Though it is easy to charge solar panel 12v battery, it can troubleshoot. Sometimes it is an ordinary and common matter that you can face solar charging 12v battery problem. Behind this problem, there are some particular causes. If you properly know them, you can solve this complication without taking anyone’s help.

Solar battery charging problems

To find out the charging problem, you need to check the battery, regulator, power-supply, charging source, etc. For this, you need the tools below:

  • A digital multimeter
  • A small screwdriver
  • Wire strippers (one pair)

You need the multimeter to check the DC voltage. However, do the tests below to find out the charging problem.

1. Test data logger

Take the multimeter. Then set is to the 20Vdc range. Use the red probe in a socket (mAVΩ) and connect the black probe in the socket (COM). Then you should touch the end of the red probe to the red wire’s bare end. And touch the black probe to the black wire or the terminal screw that labeled G.

2. Ensure the power supply is turned on

Check the power supply and ensure that it is turned on. You may be surprised that it is very common for a user to turn off the power supply to the data logger. It is caused by various reasons. But later, the users forget to turn it on. If you see that the power switch is off, you should make it on. Then repeat the above step. But if you find that the power switch is on, then you need to follow the step below.

3. Measure the power supply voltage

When you look at the power supply, you may notice the terminals named 12V and G. You need to pick one terminal to use it. Now you need to measure 12v and ground terminals voltage on the power supply. If you get more than 11 volts on the regulator and less than it on the data logger, you need to check the connector wires. If you get the connector wire loose, you should reconnect it. Before doing it, you should turn the power off. But if you see the connection is well, you need to follow the step below.

4. Check the battery voltage

Now you have to test the voltage of your battery. For this, you need to connect the black probe to the negative terminal and then the red one to the positive terminal. If you see that the voltage is more than 11v, your battery is then okay. But you need to repair the power supply. If you see that the battery voltage is less than 11v, then you need to disconnect the battery.

5. After disconnecting the battery check the power supply voltage

Disconnect your battery. Then recheck the power supply voltage. For this, follow step 3. If you see the voltage is 13-14v, you need to change the battery. Now, you need to check the voltage of the two terminals of power supply. You can do it with any color probe. The terminals are labeled CHG. If you see the voltage reading of the terminal is 17v, you need to repair the power supply.

6. Solar panel voltage measurement

Now disconnect the power supply from the solar panel. It is easy to take the reading of the panel’s voltage with the probes by touching than to the bar wires end of the solar panel. You should do this test at day time when your solar panel is under the sunlight. Connect the red probe to the red wire and black one to the black wire and measure the voltage. If you find that the voltage of the panel is less than 17 volt under the full sunlight, you need to replace the solar panel.

7. The current test of solar panel

It is the last step. You need to use the DMM to measure the current that comes from your solar panel. You should take care of sparking. For this, cover the panel with a cloth while testing the amps. To measure current, you should set the red lead of the DMM to 10ADC socket and then range it to 10A. Now touch the red probe to the red point of the panel and black probe to the black or negative lead of the panel. After connecting the probes, remove the cloth covered the solar panel and let the panel to expose sunlight. The output of the current solar panels differs for sizes. For a 10W panel, the maximum output is 0.7A, for 10 W the output is 1.4A, for 50W the output is 3.3A, and for 90W the output is 5.6A. But this measurement can be lower than the maximum rage because of the amount of light. But this amount needs to be close to the value that is proper for the solar panel size. When your solar panel gets good sunlight, the measurement from the panel is close to its output current. If you see that the current measurement is not realistic, think that your solar panel or the connector wires have been damaged.

So, to find the problem why the battery of your solar panel is not charging, you should do the steps and check every part of the system and the power source.

Charging the 12v battery with solar panel

Now it is time to know how to use a solar panel to charge the 12v battery. It is easy to charge the battery of a solar panel. Just you need some equipment to make the process safe, straightforward, and affordable.

For this, you need some items such as battery, charger, charger controller, converter, solar panel, etc. You will get them at any hardware or online shop. There are many brands of these items within various price ranges. You can mount a 12v solar panel with battery in the yard or on your car or boat or near your camping tent. You should install it under direct sunlight. However, let’s see what items you need to charge a 12v battery.

1. Solar Panel

You need a solar panel. You should take one that offers you a lot of features and enough power under your budget. Choose a flexible, lightweight one that is easy to take from here to there. But it does not mean that you take a sheer panel that is not stable or has no quality. Your solar panel needs to be rugged enough to produce enough power in low light condition. It is better to choose a portable one than a fixed solar panel. For a vehicle, portable panels are the best. But in the compact panel, the capacity of power and durability is lower. But they are cheap and easy to use.

12V solar panels are less expensive and provide better performance. Besides, the customized solar panel is also a good choice.

2. Charge Controller

Most of the solar panels the portable panels have a charge controller. If your solar panel does not have a charge controller, you need to buy one. It is necessary to the protection of the panel and increases the performance. This tool disconnects the battery from the panel when it gets a full charge.

3. Battery

The size and power of the batteries are of many. But here, we are talking about 12v batteries. However, this battery is useful and can use it for various purposes. You can use it to charge your phone or use it on your car or boat.

4. Inverter

The DC voltage of a battery is 12. But most of the household devices need 120 AC volts to run. If you have an inverter such as cigarette lighter of car, the stored battery power can be used to charge some household gadgets. You should remind that the current of the inverter needs to be accurate flow.

5. Solar tracker

If you use a solar tracker, it helps to get the maximum power of a solar panel. We know that it is not possible to get 100% sunlight in some place such as mountain, jungle or the shaded area. A solar tracker helps you to increase the solar panel effectiveness.

How to use a solar panel to charge a battery

Now I am describing how to use a solar panel to charge the battery in brief.

  • Check how much power your solar panel will produce. For this, see the back side sticker. Here you will see the wattage. If you do not see it, you need to measure it by yourself. You will find two types of controllers, such as MPPT and PWM. It is better to take an MPPT charge controller.
  • Now mount the solar panel at right place. Connect the controller. Before it, mount the controller in a place where water and others cannot hamper it. Connect the red and black wires to the panel. Then connect the cables to the battery.
  • After that, connect the input wires to charge connector. It is better to use MC4 connector. Then check the output of the connector to be sure that it is working.
  • Now connect the battery to the battery connector and leave it until it gets fully charged.

Solar charge 12v battery

Your solar panel charge 12v battery easily. You can use a solar battery charger for your boat or car or go out with a 12v solar panel with battery for your camping. It is better to use the 12v solar battery because it is enough to charge some small applications that are essential for our every day. A solar battery charger controller saves the battery from getting damaged. It will disconnect the battery from the solar panel when it becomes full. You should use it because excess power supply can damage your battery and lessens the lifetime of a battery.

12v Battery Solar Panel

Many types and models of 12v battery solar panels are available at the market. You should grab one that is reliable, waterproof, durable, nice looking, and reasonable in price. It is better to take waterproof one because you may use it for outdoor purposes.

Waterproof 12v solar battery charger

A waterproof 12v solar battery charger is good to Solar Trickle Charge for Car Battery and some other vehicle batteries. So, you can take a Solar Trickle Charger. Besides, there is a built-in regulator on portable 12v panel battery chargers. It protects the battery system from getting damaged. However, you know about the top portable, waterproof top reviews of the top rated chargers. You can select any one of them for some 12v applications such as cars, boats, RV, etc.  You can charge with anyone of these solar chargers to charge your device in cloudy weather condition. They are safe to use, cheap in price, durable, waterproof, and also dust proof. So, you can buy a Solar Trickle Charger to charge your 12v car or a 12v RV battery and keep your small devices alive all the time.

12v solar panel is a necessary thing for a car or boat owners. It is easy to install and use. Always take care of your solar panel regularly to keep the battery condition good. The solar panel also saves our environment because it is environment-friendly. If you are a beginner, you need to consider some matters before buying a solar panel of 12 Volt.


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