Renewable Energy

It’s Easy Being Green

Easy Energy is concerned about our environment. We want to work with you to help develop clean power sources in New England. Because we provide electricity at a reduced price, we hope you will choose to reinvest your savings into renewable energy. You can reduce your carbon footprint and strengthen Massachusetts’ clean energy industry through our Easy Green Program.

When you enroll in Easy Green, you are supporting renewable energy development and helping to create a cleaner, safer world for future generations of New Englanders. Every kWh of renewable electricity you use is one kWh of electricity that doesn’t have to come from burning coal, oil or natural gas. You can match 50% or 100% of the electricity you use with renewable energy through Easy Energy’s Easy Green Program, and pay just a small premium over Easy Energy’s standard rate.

Easy Green electricity comes from MassEnergy’s New England GreenStart Renewable Energy Credit (REC) portfolio. 25% of Easy Green electricity is sourced from new renewable wind, hydroelectric, solar and clean biomass generation, and 75% comes from existing hydroelectric resources. All of these renewable generation resources are located in New England.  To learn more, take a look at Easy Energy’s Disclosure Label.


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