Energy Rebates for Summer

Five Energy Rebates for Summer in MA

Energy-saving programs Massachusetts

Did you know that there are twice as many searches for “refrigerator” in the summer and nearly four times as many searches for “air conditioners”?

Okay, so maybe that isn’t too surprising. Hot weather certainly can exaggerate the shortcomings in our home appliances. But what is surprising is how often people overlook energy rebates and incentives that can help them save money on new appliances and energy efficiency products.

Energy Rebates for Summer

Let’s go over a few of the basic ones that everybody should take advantage of when upgrading or replacing old appliances this summer.

Free Home Assessment: If you haven’t taken advantage of this one yet, you absolutely should make an appointment today. (We recommend Next Step Living, Inc.) An energy efficiency expert will come to your home and install weather stripping and high-efficiency light bulbs at no cost. They’ll also suggest other great ways you can increase your home’s efficiency and lower your energy bills after they inspect your water heater, insulation, windows, doors and appliances.

Weatherization Incentives: Once you’ve had your free home assessment, you might be eligible for more good news! Depending on your home’s structure, a contractor may be able to cover 75% up to $2000 of the cost of new insulation and other weatherization upgrades.

$50 2nd Fridge Rebate: If you have a second refrigerator or freezer in the garage or basement, it’s probably using a ton of electricity trying to stay cool in this hot weather. Why not cut down on electricity costs and get paid $50 to recycle it?

$50 New Fridge/Freezer Rebate: Need a new refrigerator? If you purchase an ENERGY STAR certified fridge you can get a $50 rebate, too! Now you can replace that old fridge from you garage that you just recycled.

Inexpensive Energy-Efficient Lights: Incandescent light bulbs release a lot of heat and use a lot of energy, so the effect on your electric bill is bigger than you might think. Replace your old light-bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs and you could lower your electricity bill by up to 25%.

Most of these incentives and rebates expire at the end of 2012, so if you’re going to take advantage of them, do it soon. Also, you might want to consider that you’ve already paid for most of these. Yep, that “Energy Efficiency” or “Energy Conservation” charge on your electric bill goes directly to funding these programs. So if you don’t do it, you’re just throwing money away.

To learn more about the incentives available for your home or business, check out Mass Save’s website.

To learn more about the charges on your bill, read our blog post from May entitled “Understanding Your Electric Bill”.

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