Best Quick Charge Portable Solar Phone Charger: Best for Phone Battery Life

Best Foldable, Portable Solar Phone Charger with Power bank

Solar phone charger can generate easy, clean, and renewable energy for you commercial places, home and anywhere you need. Not all solar panels are meant to be huge; you will find small solar panel for sale in the market too like the huge ones.

Mini solar phone charger  are great option to keep your batteries alive, supply energy for your science project, or DIY.  Also, you can use these panels for mobile charging, light and make solar powered toys.

The good thing is solar phone charger price comes into anyone’s budget range.

These are fairly affordable. Also, you don’t have to waste too much time or money to keep it working.

7 Best Small solar phone charger With Reviews: Portable and Weatherproof

Here are 7 best small solar phone charger review that can be used for your different types of projects. Have a look them below.

The Harsh truths reviews and price comparisons that actually can save your money: Get Your Opportunity.

1. Quick Charge Solar phone charger: Best for all phone Phone Charging

Battery Tender 12V

3.0V 200mA with wires

Our first best Solar Phone Charger review starts with the 200mA Small Solar Phone Charger . This panel weighs only 1.76 ounces.

It can produce 3.0 voltages which can easily be used in small tools for different projects works, such as powering up small batteries and light.

You can also quickly charge AAA, AA, and 2 to 1.2 V of cells with it.

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The best thing about the Solar Phone Charger is you can couple it with other multiple batteries without any complications; especially, when you need to run large applications.
However, its peak voltage is 3 volt as we mentioned before, but in reality, it has only 16.5% power efficiency. As a Polycrystalline Solar Cell itself, this power productivity should be more.

However, the overall construction and service of the panel is pretty outstanding. You can use for a long time without facing almost zero fuss.

Product description:

  • High Efficiency Miniature Solar Cell
  • Solar Cell: Polycrystalline Solar Cell
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 3.6V
  • Peak Current (Imp): 200mA
  • Short Circuit Current (Isc): 220mA


  • Perfect for using small science project, or works in DIY or Workshops.
  • Suitable for charging batteries too.
  • Lightweight and very affordable.
  • Easy to work in vast and complex electrical settings.
  • Miniature Solar Phone Charger appropriate for science project.


  • Produce less voltage power then advertise.

2. Solar solar phone charger 6.0V 70mA with wires: Best for Water-Resistance

Here is another best Small Solar Phone Charger form the previous brand. This one is high powered- 6.0V and very lightweight only 0.353 ounces.

It can charge 4-1.2V and batteries such as AAA and AA. But the actual requirement of capacity is varied. So, smaller tools and motor easily be powered by this Solar Phone Charger .

The Small Solar Phone Charger is applicable for more extensive tools and application as well by connecting more Solar Phone Charger.

The dimension of the panel is 2×3.5 inches and efficiency is around 17.0%. So, you can apply it to your light experimental work or project preparation.

However, this little Solar Phone Chargercomes with an attractive casing and very easy to setup and maintenance.

Small Solar Phone Charger 70mA’s high efficiency and effectiveness appropriate for various uses. It can be used for powering up larger tools by using multiple in quantity.


  • Trouble free Solar Phone Charger for experimental works and projects.
  • High efficiency and high voltage capacity.
  • It can charge the battery AAA and AA.
  • It can power up small tools and motors easily.
  • Peak voltage is 6.0v and peak current 70mA.


  • A single Solar Phone Charger cannot produce power to run more extensive tools and application.

3. ECO-WORTHY 10watt phone charger: Portable Solar Charger

Other budget-friendly Solar Phone Charger s is from dry and off-grid lighting from ECO-Worthy. It is a 10-watt Solar Phone Charger , well-built and survives rough weathers well.

It’s made of heavy-duty aluminum and high transparency tempered (3.2 mm) glass. The panel can work withstand -40 to +80 degree temperature pretty well.

The good thing about the Solar Phone Charger is it can generate around 90% in first 10 years and 80% in next 25 years.

It may sound extreme, but well-constructed polycrystalline Solar Phone Charger s are offer real power efficiency compare than any other kind of Solar Phone Charger . However, this one is a really an excellent example of polycrystalline solar cells.

The Solar Phone Charger is come the IP-65 rated junction box. It gives complete protection from dust, water and other particles including low-pressure jet.

Moreover, the entire panel is weather-proof. It can withstand max 2400 PA if winds and 5400 PA snow very quickly.


  • Lightweight, compact design.
  • Well-built body construction.
  • Suitable for use on small dry camp and off-grid lighting.
  • Waterproof and dustproof features.
  • Easy to set up.


  • Need direct sunlight and a full charge to get 5-watt current.
  • Need charge controller to prevent charging.

4. Best Portability phone charger: Sunnytech 0.5w 5v 100ma

Here is another Small Solar Phone Charger that exclusively designed to use at school, lab, workshop including home.

The Sunnytech 5 volt mini panel gives the best performance to use on multipurpose sectors. This panel has ten Small Solar cells.

The SunntTech can produce maximum 100 mA current with 5v voltage. The small device weighs only 50 grams. The dimension of the panel is 80X80 mm.

You can use it to change AA batteries, run white LED lights and portable radios as well. It comes with 3 ft long red/black wire joined as one wire.

Also, three colored alligator clips soldered on the backside. You need to connect them to the motor or better of your project.

It also has installed blocking diode, plastic cover and silicon which protect it from overcharging, humidity and external pressure.


  • Four screw holes at the corner for mounting.
  • Long wirer to connect with other batteries or motor at any length.
  • Don’t have the over-charging problems and current backflow.
  • Comes with protective covers which ensure its safety from not damaging.
  • Survive in humid climates as well.


  • Puts out 100mA under full direct sunlight.
  • The surface is not so even to lay on flat surface.

5. HQST 10watt 12volt off Grid Polycrystalline Solar: Best Portable Power Bank

Do you need a mini Solar Phone Chargerthat can produce more power? Then you might consider having HQST 10watt 12volt portable Solar Phone Charger .

It’s a light, smart and long lasting panel with polycrystalline Solar Phone Charger which can produce 10 watts of electricity. It can charge your smart gadget, machinery, battery operated gates, camera, etc.

You need to charge the panel in direct sunlight.

The full day long charging help the panel work for rest of the night without draining the battery.

The panel includes the aluminum frame and tempered glass coating shield.

This corrosion-proof structure keeps the inside things protected from rain, dust, and snow.

The Small 12volt Solar Phone Charger is 5.5 ft. long and weighs 3.5 lbs. It’s more prominent as “mini Solar Phone Charger ,” but if you know the typical Solar Phone Charger s, then you can understand why it’s so compelling.

The size is right for using RV’s, boat, cabins, etc. it’s easy to set up and also simple to maintain. If you want something durable and bit more powerful than this is the one.


  • A tremendous solar system to power your battery operated tools, machines, etc.
  • Completely own-powered off-grid system.
  • Sturdy, durable anodized frame.
  • Water, weather, and humidity resistant.
  • Light, sleek and beautiful body.


  • Need big space to set up.
  • The edges are bit, Sharpe.

6. Enchanted Spaces Solar Path Light

In last, we are going to share with you something useful but little different from our other reviewed products. This produce is path lights but powered by solar.

The Enchanted Spaces Solar Path Lights can give interesting star-shaped light pattern on your pathway, garden or yard. The set includes 6 lights (16×4.5 inches).

They have brushed bronze stake and glass lenses housing.

When you mount the lights the 12 inches of stake goes under the ground, and only 4 inch stays up. That is why in so sturdy and don’t come off so quickly.

This set is a full combination of beauty and safety.

You get the most beautiful path lights to make your drive/pathway illuminate with beautiful light effect and make the night walking safe.

The lights are containing AA 600 mA Ni-Mh batteries. These are already installed and fully rechargeable. Direct sunlight need to charge these all day and keep in service for rest of the night.


  • Beautiful start shaped light effect.
  • Easy to set up, the battery is already installed.
  • Has on/off switch to control the power.
  • Durable glass lens.
  • No wire need has a metal ground stake to install.


  • Durability is not assured, some may last for years some less than of that.
  • Little pricey.

Buy Small Solar Phone Charger smartly

To buy your best Small Solar Phone Charger for various usages, you need to consider these below facts well. Such as,

How much power do you need from Solar Phone Charger ?

The power capacity of your Solar Phone Charger is the central element to count first.

At first, understand the power that you need for your work. 3-6volt of Small Solar Phone Charger is generating a small amount of solar energy that good to go with little lights, fans, etc. anything very light.

If you need to power AA batteries or want faster charging using the 9- 20volt is a better solution.

You can choose small power package of the Small Solar Phone Charger where you get 6/10 small range Solar Phone Charger s altogether. You get multiple mini Solar Phone Charger s for particular usage.

That’s how you can increase or decrease the power as you need of a work.

Size matters?

Yes, even you are talking about the smallest size of Solar Phone Charger you need to consider the size of the board including its wire and other necessary accessories (if have any). Otherwise, you may ended up with awkwardly big or smaller than the recommended solar system.

The budget for Small Solar Phone Charger

Compare that then the AA AAA battery mini Solar Phone Charger s are little pricey but cheap then the Li-ion batteries.

You will get this type of panel 4-150$ depending on the power capacity and the quantity of a pack. Small Solar Phone Chargerkits are bit costly then the single solar cells.

However, most of the Solar Phone Charger s work for the pretty decent period. So you can invest in them without any worries.

Final Thoughts

Solar energy is an excellent source of free green energy. To generate power you only need a panel (small/medium/large), wire and battery.

It’s a much organic option to produce energy without damaging our environment.

However, the Small Solar Phone Charger may not provide the massive scale of energy but surely a best quick option to power your gears.

Our editor’s choice for the best Small Solar Phone Charger is Small Solar Phone Charger 3.0V 70mA with wires. This compact size of the panel is great for multipurpose use.

You can use it multiple things like lab project, personal use, like charging the battery, phone, and mini fan, etc.

Also, this one infects the others quality Small Phone Charger suitable are to use with showpiece, toys, and stationery items for commercial usage.


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