Arlo ultra & pro 3 solar panel charger 2-pack

Arlo ultra & pro 3 solar panel charger 2-pack: Arlo Certified Solar Accessory

arlo ultra & pro 3 solar panel charger 2-pack

Solar chargers have come a tiny power plant in the last few years. Solar chargers can now recharge your camera and small electronics to keep them charged even a cloudy day. The higher output the wattage a solar charger can produce, the faster it’s able to recharge the connected device.

The arlo ultra & pro 3 solar panel needed to do charged Arlo Ultra, Pro 3 & 4 Cameras.  Keeps your Arlo Ultra, Pro 3, Pro 4 and Floodlight Cameras battery charged with direct sunlight. It’s weather resistant reliable structure, 8-foot magnetic power cable, and adjustable mount ensures installation easy anywhere.

This Solar Charger unit so well. Able to charge 2 cameras.

Sometimes your security cameras are placed in a strategic location would be difficult to wire into the house’s electrical system.

Arlo ultra & pro 3 solar panel charger 2-pack system are simple to install and do an excellent job of maintaining the camera’s battery.

This solar panel charger are extremely well, keep camera’s battery full charged. In winter, it can be pretty overcast.

We recommend, make sure your panel is both pointed South and angled correctly for the season for your area to get optimal performance.


  1. VERSATILE MOUNTING – Arlo ultra and pro has unique 360-degree wall mount allows you to easily position your solar panel and ensures that it is placed directly in maximum sunlight exposure
  2. EASY INSTALLATION – Installing our solar panel is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply mount the panel outside your house and connect the magnetic charging cable to your camera
  3. PACKAGE INCLUDES – 2 x Solar Panel, 2 x 13.1ft/4m Outdoor Magnetic Charging Cable, 2 x 360-degree Mounting bracket, 6 x Screws and Wall Anchors, and a User Manual
  4. WASSERSTEIN 3-MONTH WARRANTY – If any of our products fail to meet your expectations, please get in touch with us and we will try to resolve the issue. If we can’t resolve the problem to your satisfaction, you will get a full refund or replacement

Best in:

  1. Compatible with Arlo Ultra, Ultra 2, Pro 3, Pro 4, and Pro 3 Floodlight
  2. Weather resistant design
  3. 8-Foot magnetic power cable


Dimensions and Weight:
7.4 x 4.01 x 0.46 in
8 ft Cable Length
6.10 oz

Operating Temperature:
14 to 122 degree F

Power Output:
2.2 W

1-year limited US

The Arlo Solar Charge convert sunlight to electricity and with only a few hours of direct sunlight, keeps your Arlo Pro or Arlo Go battery full charged.


1. Typically foogy, rainy, mornings or days keept camera’s battery upto 95%


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